Relieve and Prevent ASTHMA with ONE inhaler.


Whether you have been recently diagnosed with asthma or you have had it for many years, it's important to understand if you are treating it as well as you can. People with asthma sometimes limit certain activities they enjoy to avoid coming into contact with their triggers and getting asthma symptoms.

Have you ever avoided exercising, socialising, being outdoors or being in a particular environment, because you were worried it might bring on your asthma symptoms?  If so, you should know that asthma needn’t stop you from doing what you want.

What is asthma?1

Asthma is a chronic condition of the bronchioles, or small airways, inside the lungs. Airways are passages through which air flows, providing oxygen - an essential ingredient in maintaining life in the body. Since we need oxygen to live, a lack of it can be very distressing and even dangerous.


What happens in the lungs?1

The airways in a person who has asthma are oversensitive (allergic), and are irritated easily. The irritation causes the inside of the airway to become red and swollen (infllammation) and the muscles surrounding the airway walls tighten (bronchocostriction). These two processes narrow the airway passages, making breathing very difficult at times.

RELIEVE and PREVENT your asthma with Symbicort SMART*.2

Symbicort SMART means you use Symbicort as BOTH your preventer and your reliever. So no separate reliever inhaler is needed.2


Symbicort starts opening your airways quickly, like a blue reliever inhaler.2



Symbicort SMART could help improve your asthma control.2

Using Symbicort as prescribed helps to make your airways less sensitive to triggers so you have fewer symptoms and flare-ups.2

What could improved asthma control mean for you?

  • fewer limitations on your activities
  • less days off work or school because of asthma
  • fewer visits to the doctor because of asthma
  • spending time with friends and family without worrying about asthma symptoms
  • having fewer asthma flare-ups when you come in contact with your triggers or catch a cold.





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